Paul Lamb – VP, Corporate QAQC Manager

Another top priority is to provide quality systems and services to our customers while continuously improving our processes. We employ many of the most specialized welding and mechanical processes in the mechanical and process construction industry. We have developed solid in-house programs and procedures that allow us to separate ourselves from the competition and ensure that our customers receive the absolute highest-quality service and end product.

We fabricate and install all mechanical and process systems in full compliance with ASME codes for pressure piping and SMACNA standards for duct installations. We maintain over 100 ASME qualified welding procedures.

Our diverse knowledge of materials, joining methods, fabrication techniques, sequencing and scheduling of work is instrumental in all of our quality installations. Customers can always rely on us to bring solutions to challenges, a positive attitude, the latest technologies and the best available construction practices to every project.

Our QAQC teams are independent of field operations and have the backing of our corporate management team to ensure we meet or exceed all requirements and standards for quality.

Our Quality Control teams are experts in welding procedures and qualifications, pipe and duct inspections, systems testing, UHP analytics and project systems commissioning for a diverse group of industries including: HVAC & plumbing systems for all commercial, healthcare, institutional and manufacturing applications, ultra high purity process systems for microelectronics manufacturing and hygienic process systems for life sciences vaccine manufacturing.