Preconstruction Services

From left to right:
Jim Ruth, P.E. | JJ Huffhines, P.E. | Kurt Zinsmeyer, P.E.
Travis Everett | John Marchand | Chris Cosgrove
Bruk Schenken | Greg Seiter

Our preconstruction team is unsurpassed in their skill and experience in conceptual budgeting, scope development/ management, design assistance and estimating. We understand the importance of working in concert with the construction team and the value of understanding and developing a complete scope. Our desire and commitment focus on ensuring there are “no surprises”.

Preconstruction Approach
We provide experienced individuals with the skills to match their responsibilities in management and supervision. They establish the design foundation and provide clear definition of cost, value and priorities.

  • Early participation in preconstruction, planning and design development meetings
  • Develop BIM protocols
  • Oversee all cost estimating
    • Baseline cost of original design concept
    • Revised cost for Value Opportunity concept
    • Potential life cycle cost impact
    • Potential operating cost impact
  • Accurately scope subcontractors and major equipment suppliers
  • Evaluate shared resources and common scope items for savings opportunities
  • Evaluate long lead requirements towards establishing procurement priorities
  • Advise construction durations and critical schedule considerations


Integrating Preconstruction Services
Our emphasis on preconstruction services makes us uniquely qualified in the Design Assist project approach. Our team's early integration with the design process assures timely input on key decisions. We provide optimal engineering/design solutions; beginning the detail design from flow diagrams and P & IDs. As engineering progresses we refine the BIM model. Delivering coordinated 3D documents in this fast-track method reduces time in overall design while utilizing the coordinated assets of the engineering and construction firms’ resources. A fully coordinated project is the end result of our design assist approach.

Design Assist Project Delivery
We bring value to the design process by offering detail solutions for recurring challenges we encounter. Our capabilities include assisting in the development of the initial M&P design criteria, specification development, sizing of ductwork and piping systems, expediting construction drawings and providing continuous cost feedback throughout the entire design and construction process. Dynamic Systems will provide the entire team the design assist support necessary to ensure a successful project.      

Constructability Review:
For each piping and ductwork system, we evaluate:

  • Materials of construction and the methods of installation being proposed
  • Relative cost/benefits of installations being considered so that the final specification maximizes installation efficiency while providing the best value for the project
  • Evaluate and comment on the sequence of installation, including accessibility, gleaned from the project schedule and from field logistics.


Critical Path Evaluation:
The preconstruction team will evaluate existing schedules to validate assumptions and assess critical path parameters. It is essential that critical path activities in the design are identified early. Awareness of these activities allows the design team to direct and prioritize the design process in preparation for installation and procurement documents.

Value Analysis
We understand that Value Analysis means more than simply reducing first cost. We offer a variety of alternatives for consideration ranging from simple material selections to complex system concepts. By completely understanding the project’s mechanical systems, we apply the following:

  • Baseline cost of original design concept
  • Revised cost for value opportunity concept
  • Potential life cycle cost impact
  • Potential operating cost impact
  • Other pros and cons we evaluate:
      • Schedule impacts
      • Footprint/space considerations
      • Operational flexibility
      • LEED scoring