From left to right: Jimi Hester | Greg Seiter | Gene Hubnik

Our Team
Dynamic Systems’ core estimating services division is located in our corporate office in Austin, Texas. Our estimating team combined has decades of experience working on mechanical piping, HVAC ductwork, plumbing and process systems. The majority have significant field experience including two master plumbers and two certified plumbing designers. Each branch office has additional estimating capabilities which supplement the entire team. Our field operations including supervision, fabrication team and virtual design team work closely with our estimating group providing them feedback and insight as to what is currently happening in the field.

Systems and Approach
We utilize digital estimating software, for the quantity survey of all piping, plumbing and ductwork systems, tailored to fit the variety of our estimating needs. These systems use labor units developed by MCAA for piping/plumbing and SMACNA for sheet metal work. Our team will evaluate each system to confirm its completeness and workability in conformance with the project requirements and has the ability to consider what is required beyond what is shown in order to provide a complete working system. This is important when reviewing schematic and preliminary design documents. When an incomplete system or area is identified, the team will complete the system and document the supplement within the proposal. Material costs for each estimate are tested for currant competitive pricing and lead times giving our client the assurance that each and every system has been evaluated for cost and schedule.

Our estimating system includes features that give us the ability to dissect and analyze an estimate's various components by system and area. This offers us the ability to conduct a value analysis through comparisons between budgets and estimates from similar projects and the utilization of alternate materials and methods.