Leadership & Integrity
Dynamic Systems, Inc.’s accomplishments are due to the values exemplified in our management team. We understand that the continued growth and improvement of our company will be the result of a vision imparted to each and every employee. The motivation for continual improvement is not present without this robust leadership.

We are committed to focusing on the needs and desires of our clients and working with all of our team members to discover a means to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We understand the importance of conducting our business in a way worthy of the confidence that has been entrusted to us by our customers. Simply put, we strive to build community among all with whom we come into contact and fulfill our primary mission of “Doing what we say we are going to do”.

The passion of our people, to set new standards for every detail of the mechanical and process construction business, is the fuel that drives our success.

Safety Vision
There is nothing new when it comes to safety principles. The crucial element to safety success is commitment to those principles in the form of a standard embraced by all employees.
Our management team created a plan and provided the leadership and training necessary for our employees to actively embrace the merits of our safety philosophy; that every employee takes ownership and personal responsibility for safety. ¬†This is critical for achieving the goal of every employee going home safely at the end of each work day. Our safety track record speaks for itself. Please see the measure of our results.

Teamwork & Partnering
We see every project as a cooperative effort by all members of the construction team (Owner, CM, AE, DSI and other trades) to work in concert toward achieving a common goal. The quality of our experience ensures our ability to work efficiently with the entire construction team. All of our team members are personally committed to the project goals and requirements and will arrive on site with solutions, not problems.

Our preconstruction team is unsurpassed in their skill and experience in conceptual budgeting, scope development/ management, design assistance, and estimating. We understand the importance of working collectively with the construction team and the value of understanding and developing a complete scope which meets our clients’ needs.

Branch/Corporate Support
Our senior management is intimately involved with the planning and operations of all of our projects in order to guarantee our commitment to the success of the project. They will not be strangers to the job site.

Support Relationships
We have always made it a priority to develop strong, long-term relationships with labor, material and equipment suppliers, and trade subcontractors. We recognize that our success on every project is contingent upon these team members.

Financial Strength
Financial soundness is imperative in the construction industry. We have made it one of our guiding principles to ensure we meet all of our financial commitments to employees, vendors, subcontractors and customers.