Commissioning Process - An Overview

Dynamic Systems’ Commissioning of Mechanical Systems is a disciplined procedure designed to provide the owner with their building operating as designed and specified. Our intent is to furnish a building owner with a degree of assurance that mechanical and plumbing equipment and systems have been installed in the prescribed manner and will operate efficiently and smoothly.

Using the Dynamic Systems’ Commissioning Process, we provide installation verification, pre-functional testing, proper system start-ups, operations and maintenance training, and complete documentation reports of the building’s major mechanical and plumbing systems. 

During construction, Dynamic Systems’ Mechanical Systems Commissioning personnel provide installation inspections, enhance communications between trades, and assist in expediting equipment and systems start-up schedules. They ensure, demonstrate and document that all mechanical and plumbing systems and sub-systems are installed and operating in compliance with the project construction documents. Our team makes certain that the building owner’s operating and maintenance personnel are properly instructed and prepared to effectively operate the building mechanical systems. Our process may also include the instruction of maintenance personnel and the setting up of scheduled or programmed maintenance procedures. 

Details regarding each step of the commissioning process and specific items for each particular mechanical system, such as HVAC or plumbing systems, will be detailed in the commissioning plan specific to each project.

We have the expertise to make the transition from building construction to owner occupation of the building a smooth process. Customer satisfaction, with the systems we install and the services we provide, is the goal of everyone at Dynamic Systems!